ABOUT Total IV Access

Total IV Access provides vascular access services to various types of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, infusion suites, and clinics. We offer 24/7 services as well as have the capability to provide education to your staff. We employ board certified vascular access specialists who will put your patient’s vascular access needs first.

The Right Device at The Right Time

With Total IV Access, our nurses are capable of placing much more than just a PICC line.  In today’s world, there is much more to offer a patient than just a PICC.  It’s all about choosing the right device at the right time based on the patient’s needs.  Our offerings include ultrasound guided PIVs, wire assisted PIVs, midlines, and PICC lines.  We want what is best for your patient.

OUR Service

Total IV Access’ top priority is pleasing both you as the customer and your patient.  Our average turn-around time is two hours.  For our PICC insertions, we utilize ECG tip confirmation technology.  This helps reduce delays in treatment to your patient.  We will do our part to allow you to continue your expert care to your patient.